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Dedicated Property Manager

Property management is what we do, it’s all we do, and we do it well. Entrust your investment property to seasoned professionals who have been in your shoes. Our hands-on experience with our investment properties has equipped us for any challenge.

Property Marketing & Advertising

Finding the right tenant is our top concern, which is why we start the advertising and marketing process a full 30 days before your property becomes available. This allows us to invest our time finding the right occupant.

We Get You Paid on Time

We collect the rent, pay the bills, and deposit the profits directly into your bank account every month, on time.  You’ll never have to worry about keeping on top of it all because we are, you can depend on it.

Regular Property Inspections

We personally visit your property for periodically scheduled inspections. This allows us to identify red flags before they escalate. Owners are provided with detailed documentation including recommendations for maintenance.

Keep on Top of Expenses

Never miss a payment. We arrange for the payment of all recurring bills and other expenses associated with keeping your investment property operating smoothly.

Comprehensive Screening Process

Avoid renting to undesirable tenants who may cut into your profit margin and potentially cause damage to your property. Our in-depth screening process ensures that we find the best tenants.

Why Choose Solid Rock Property Management?


Customer Focused

We take care of people as well as properties. Trusted by our clients, direct in our communications, and responsive to your needs.

Centrally Located

We are centrally situated and know Kootenai County well. We are never too far away from your rental property, allowing us to keep a close eye on your investment.


Solid Rock Property Management Strives to keep our Owners & Tenants satisfied. We are confident you will love our thoroughness & attention to detail!

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